Mortgages for all circumstances

First Time Buyers: Been declined in the High Street, small deposit, there may be another way...

Self employed: Only one years trading, income from different sources...we may have a solution.

Right To Buy: Best investment you can make, buy your council house and retire with no rent to pay.

Buy To Let: Great for pension planning...( Some Buy To Let Mortgages are not regulated by the FCA).

Re-mortgage: Get a lower rate than you are paying now. Consolidate loans or debts and reduce your monthly out goings into one manageable mortgage. (careful consideration should be given before adding unsecured loans or debts to your mortgage, you may reduce your monthly outgoings now, but you may pay more over a longer term).

Offset Mortgage: Use your savings to get a tax free return or pay your mortgage off quicker.

Equity Release: Property Rich, Cash Poor, release some of the capitol tied up in your property and spend the kids inheritance.

Our Fees: No fee is payable for generic advice or information. A fee maybe payable if we submit an application to a lender on your behalf who pays us a small fee or no fee at all. Any fees charged to you will be disclosed to you before completing an application. If we charge you a fee, our typical fee is £499, though this may vary depending on each case. Any fee paid to us from a lender will be disclosed to you before an application is submitted. Alternatively you can opt for a fee only application, £395 is payable on application, and £995 payable on completion. Any fee paid to The Mortgage Warehouse from the lender under this option will be refunded to you when received from the lender.


None Disclosure! Existing conditions may not be covered, disclose on application to avoid the disappointment of a declined claim due to None Disclosure.

Life Cover: Essential if you have family.

Critical illness: Pays out a defined lump sum if you suffer a range of illness, you don't have to die to pay off your mortgage.

Accident & Sickness: Makes sure your mortgage payments are met if you suffer an accident or an illness.

Unemployment: Work is not always easy to come by when you have been made redundant, pays your mortgage while you search.

Home: You have worked hard for it, don't lose it in a fire, a theft or through your own carelessness.

Travel: This is essential if going abroad.